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Woodpecker Cavity Cam Launch!

Our much anticipated Woodpecker Cavity Cam Project has been launched! We've compiled thousands of videos from the trail cameras we installed at red-headed woodpecker cavities over the last several field seasons and they are now available on our Zooniverse project page. Video clips capture the behaviors and interactions of the community of animals that depend on the holes that red-headed woodpeckers excavate. These cavities are also a vital resource for other animals, including bats, squirrels, tree frogs, and birds like nuthatches, blue birds, and chickadees which do not create cavities themselves but depend on their availability for breeding and roosting. Through the Woodpecker Cavity Cam Project, we hope to gain a better understanding of the species that compete for these cavities, and how they interact with these spaces throughout the year.

Midnight sneak attacks by flying squirrels, foiled egg and bird predation attempts, parents bringing insects to baby birds and sharing childcare duties…..our cameras document it all. With your help classifying video clips, our team of scientists and community members will advance our understanding of red-headed woodpeckers and the role they play in their community.

We hope you are ready to get started classifying videos! Head over to to register so you can get started!

Happy classifying!!

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