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Calling all birders and bird-lovers!

Are you missing red-headed woodpeckers, orchard orioles or scarlet tanagers from your year-list? Or maybe you’ve been dying to add to your count of sparrows or warblers? Maybe you don’t even know the names of the birds you’re seeing (yet), and are just looking for an opportunity to get out with your friends and family and learn something about nature. No matter your passion, we invite you to join us for a birding hike in the savannas!

Each summer, volunteers from the Red-headed Woodpecker Recovery Project lead birding hikes in the section of Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve where our red-headed woodpeckers nest. All hikes start at the Fish Lake Nature Trail parking lot (229th Ave and Durant St. in East Bethel) but take different routes depending on which birds have been recently sighted in which areas. Although the launching point is the public nature trail, which you are invited to explore on your own at your leisure, these hikes are an opportunity to visit off-limits parts of the reserve. Come prepared to see lots of birds, learn about our on-going research and conservation efforts onsite and across the state, and explore a unique and vanishing ecosystem!

This is summer in Minnesota, so we recommend you wear layers to protect you from the insects and the sun. You’ll be hiking up to 2 miles on sandy roads, so wear closed-toed shoes and bring a water bottle. Binoculars, field guides and cameras are highly recommended!

Upcoming hikes are scheduled for:

July 24th, 6pm – 8pm

August 4th, 9am – 11am

*Note: there will likely be one additional hike in late August, if the birds are still around!


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